The best rates are the easy part.

Working for you, not the Banks

Markets Served: Vancouver, Victoria

Your mortgage is about YOU and where you and your plans are going in the future.
My job is to work with you, giving you professional, honest advice so you're able to make an educated decision to fulfill your financial needs.
So whether you're a first time buyer, a seasoned developer, or just want to renew your mortgage at todays low rates. Everyone has different scenario, some are short term, and some long term.
It may not always about the best rate. You may need a 24 turnaround time from the lender to get that dream house. Or, maybe it's a line of credit mortage to build the kitchen you've always wanted? You have a want/need and I know the RIGHT lender for you.
Whatever the case, rest assured, I'm on your side to get the deal done! It's really a simple process, you supply the paperwork and I get you your perfect mortgage.
With access to over 50 lenders that compete for your business - including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders, your mortgage will have the features and rate that meet your needs:
 - Self employed
 - First time buyer, next home, or considering a vacation property;
 - Construction loans;
 - New to Canada;
 - Investment property;
 - Renovation financing options;
 - Consolidate your debt to free up monthly cash flow and save on interest costs;
 - Separation or divorce (up to 95% equity use in matrimonial home/buyout);
 - Your mortgage renewal;
 - Improve your credit so you can qualify for mortgage financing.
Access to my lender network and my professional services are available to you at no cost (in most credit situations). I'm paid by the lender at closing.

Jason Lowe

Jason Lowe

Mortgage Consultant

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